Packaging for meat and poultry must meet the specific requirements of producers and consumers. Above all, the product must be safe in them, and the packaging itself must not adversely affect its shelf life. In addition, meat and poultry packaging must be suitable for storage at low temperatures and high humidity. More and more consumers expect the packaging offered by manufacturers to be recyclable.


Therefore, we offer our customers attractive packaging which:

  • uses raw materials suitable for freezing at temperatures from -25 to -30 degrees Celsius and storage in humidity of 60%,
  • uses raw materials adapted for use in cold storage at low temperatures (of 1-2 degrees Celsius),
  • is suitable for transport in refrigerated trucks,
  • meets consumers’ ecological expectations: it is used as non-returnable, recyclable packaging,
  • ensures even distribution of meat in the trays, which enables uniform freezing or chilling of the product.