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TFP. Innovation and Ecology.

Nature ensures man's survival, and man has always been utilising nature's resources. But do we know how much of these resources we can consume and still maintain nature's balance? For example, for 40 years we have been producing more CO2 than the Earth is capable of recovering. The excess our planet cannot handle is our so-called environmental footprint - the extent of our interference with nature. Our planet's climate is the resultant of mutual influences between the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere, the latter being the ice cap that reflects radiation and cools the Earth. Carbon dioxide gas exchange between them, however, counts in billions of tonnes each year. There is nevertheless more and more CO2 around. We should be afforesting new areas all the time to maintain the climatic balance.

Human population on the Earth is growing, and so is the demand for clean water. It is needed by humans, animals and plants. We need it to live, grow and function properly. Water is a carrier of life and a part of ourselves. It's crucial. Since 2008, TFP has been using a closed water circulating system in its production processes. The core of this system is our own waste water treatment plant which treats 100% of the water we use.

We consider recycling paper to be our duty. Corrugated board is an environmentally friendly material as well. Used packages can be freely reused and the material thus obtained reaches us again via our vendors. On the other hand, this material is light and at the same time extraordinarily durable, which is most appreciated by logistics specialists considering today's levels of consumption. It saves transport space and fuel, and reduces exhaust gas emission. The entire flow of corrugated board within materials management involves minimum interference with the natural environment.

TFP Sp. z o.o. has been supporting The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for almost 22 years - since the 1st Final that took place in 1993. This year we again played together! During the 22nd Final we participated in multiple auctions and won the Kórnik Golden Heart auction. We provided financial support and ensured great fun for kids by giving houses made of corrugated cardboard to the Headquarters of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity as well as to the Sport and Recreation Centre "OAZA" in Kórnik. see gallery

TFP is an independent family undertaking which has been specialising in the manufacture of corrugated board and packages since 1992. It is of 100% Polish capital, with its two factories located in Kórnik and Babimost. TFP Kórnik is the management and coordination centre for both production plants. The factory, with its state-of-the-art equipment, represents European standards in terms of technology and corporate arrangements accordingly. TFP Babimost is our second pillar of production and extended potential. With two corrugators and a full range of processing machinery, we can ensure safety and continuity of the supply chain.

Maximum functionality of the company
with minimum interference with the environment.

85% of consumers consider paper packages to
be more healthy and more friendly for the environment.

More forests all the time. Poland enjoys a respectable
positionamong the European countries with the largest area covered by forests.

TFP. Business close to the environment.

100% recycled raw material

Corrugated board
is the future.

Corrugated board meets all the requirements set for packages today. It protects the product, facilitates transport and storage, sales operations and customer service, provides information and encourages customers to buy. It is cheap, light, durable, and - most importantly - fully recyclable. One tonne of this material translates into 1200 litres of clean water and 17 grown-up trees. It's hard to overestimate such an ECOnomical material.


of the packaging

39% of all packages are made
of corrugated cardboard,
which makes it the most
versatile packaging material.

million sq. m
of product

million sq. m
of product


million sq. m
of product

The sun and wind
are the keys to
living in harmony.

Recovery of the Sun's energy is most effective in mainland areas and of wind energy - on shores. Efficiency increases with proper location of solar cells or wind power plants. Our product - corrugated board - also meets the most elevated standards for efficient use of space: 92-98%.


Efficient use of space ratio in corrugated board packaging logistics.

of transport
less by

The areas marked with spots could theoretically supply more energy than the total demand for original energy worldwide (assuming solar energy conversion efficiency at 8%). It could be produced as electric power by solar cells located there.

Economic advantage of corrugated board.

In the hands of design experts, corrugated board becomes a flexible material which may take any shape whatsoever and fit to truly diverse functions: from a simple cube of any size, or a bottle packaging, through complex exhibition stands, to super-durable structures protecting heavyweight products. It is also highly appreciated in logistics. It's light, to reduce transport load; it's provides good protection of glass products, corners or flat surfaces; it will fit tightly to any voids (which is extremely important in transport or storage); in terms of resistance and printing capacity, it is the perfect starting point for manufacture of various functional packages.

Using recycled materials and water in a closed production circuit, we have saved


litres of water


trees since 2013

The quality of cardboard we manufacture determines the appearance, functional qualities and durability of packaging.

One tonne of processed corrugated board stands for 17 trees

Quality, efficiency, safety. On each side.

Flexibility and high adaptability to changing market realities are the source of the company's success. Today's manufacturing offer comprises: standard corrugated board packages, American boxes with flexo printing, shaped boxes, cut with flexo printing, offset, non-standard products: POS (exhibition stands), display packages, single and double-wall corrugated board in sheets. We also offer design and consultancy on the selection of packages. Our stable and verified team of suppliers is another strong foundation for building our quality standards and customer relations. We choose the best vendors with the highest level of confidence. We also maintain safe inventory of raw materials to ensure continuity of production.

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