Corrugated board packaging for the e-commerce industry must meet the very high expectations of manufacturers and their customers. The packaging must be functional, support the brand communication and convey its values. We know how important customer experience is. The impression made by a company is often influenced by the way goods are packaged. That is why in the process of packaging production for the e-commerce industry it is important for us to optimize its forming.


We also offer a number of facilities which are appreciated by our customers:

  • function of closing the package – thanks to the fact that it is equipped with adhesive tape,
  • marketing function – possibility of printing,
  • safety function – protects the product from damage,
  • anti-theft function – protects against unauthorized opening,
  • opening function – equipping the package with perforations and/or ribbon to open it,
  • closing and return function – equipped with second adhesive tape,
  • “reuse” function – our packaging is attractive for home use.

We also have packaging in the form of a functional paper envelope, ideal for shipments of small dimensions.