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Packaging is not only protection for the product. Well-made packaging attracts the attention of the customer. High quality of materials and print is important.

As a manufacturer of high-end packaging, TFP adapts the technology to its customers’ requirements.

We offer Flexo, Offset and digital prints.

Thanks to the use of various technologies, we are able to meet the needs of our customers.



HD FLEXO is currently the highest quality printing using digital flexographic plates.

Improved plates allow for more consistent printing than standard plates. The digital flexographic plate manufacturing process ensures excellent ink distribution and proper colour saturation. This preserves vibrant brand colours, sharp and highly visible text, natural images and smooth tonal transitions (up to 3%). Flexographic printing successfully competes with popular offset technology.



Offset printing is a very technologically advanced process. It ensures high quality of print with preservation of vivid colours and graphic elements that influence brand marketing. Offset pays off especially when ordering a larger quantity of packaging. Then the unit cost is low and the look of the packaging is very attractive.  The individual colours are printed in separate stages, so their proper combination requires careful preparation of the project. The inks used in the offset printing process are oil-based inks, which are fixed by absorption into the substrate and oxidation.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a great solution for customers who order various packaging formats in relatively small quantities. It is also a great idea for companies which need to personalize each package. Digital printing is based on the CMYK colour palette, and the print quality is similar to offset printing. In the printing process water-based inks are used – ecological, odourless, and without UV additives. The unquestionable advantage of this printing technique is the possibility to perform the service very quickly and the option to print one piece. Printouts can be further processed in bookbinding.

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